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Welcome to the Moose Answers Q&A site!

Moose Answers Q&A is a dynamic and mobile friendly Q&A site designed to provide answers to your UMA questions.

With Moose Answers Q&A, you type in your UMA question, and Moose Answers Q&A quickly matches your question with the same question (or a short-list of closely related questions) that have already been asked and answered. Keywords make finding the right answer faster, more accurate and easier.

When your question doesn’t result in a good match from the Moose Answers Q&A bank, you can submit your question to get an answer. Submitted questions are routed to a subject expert from the UMA community who will email you the answer. Your question and the answer get added to the Moose Answers Q&A bank, making Moose Answers Q&A shine stronger for future users.

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