Am I eligible for the UMA Senior Waiver program? And is the Senior Waiver program the same as the Senior College program?

Response from John McLaughlin:

The University of Maine System Board of Trustees has authorized the waiver of tuition charged for any Maine resident aged 65 or over who registers for undergraduate courses on a space available basis. At UMA the Senior Tuition Waiver program is managed by the Registrar's office and Student Financials office:

Senior College is entirely separate from the Senior Tuition Waiver program. A link to UMA Senior College is featured in the "About UMA" section of the UMA website.  Senior college is for people age 50 or older, and the classes are lifelong learning classes rather than undergraduate collegiate classes, so the classes carry no college credit. Senior College classes have no tests, little homework, no grades, no papers to write—in short, no stress! Just intellectually stimulating opportunities to learn with others who also enjoy learning. The annual membership fee is $25. Members can enroll in classes for $30 per course. FMI:

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