What kind of community is Stevens Commons located in?

Response from John McLaughlin:

The story of Hallowell is the story of America, with science and industry – and not infrequently the weather – dictating the pace of growth, the accumulation of great wealth, and the loss of vast fortunes. The City is named for Benjamin Hallowell, a Boston merchant and one of the Kennebec Proprietors, holders of land originally granted to the Plymouth Company by the British monarchy in the 1620s.

The city has seen its share of ups and downs over the years, as is the case with most small towns anywhere. Through good times and bad, however, Hallowell has remained a highly desirable center of learning and of intellectual accomplishment. Private academies and music conservatories attracted students from across the state over time. Publishers eager to join in the city’s lucrative book trade migrated here, as did chemists, physicians, politicians, artists, and inventors (Maine’s first automobile came from Hallowell, as did the first practical threshing machine). Today, a walk through Hallowell’s mansion-studded streets provides clues to America’s past, and to a world all but vanished.

Hallowell remains a very charming community, home to many artists, scientists, medical providers, motivated students, writers, musicians, business owners, and individuals from all walks of life – who value education, lifelong learning, healthy living, outdoor recreation and creative exploration. There are outdoor wonders, parks and walking/biking trails (the Kennebec River Rail Trail (http://kennebecriverrailtra... ) system) that invite positive connections to nature and link Hallowell to its neighboring towns of Gardiner and Augusta.

Hallowell’s History is provided by Sumner Webber, City of Hallowell Historian and information is taken directly from here (https://hallowell.govoffice... ).

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