Can you successfully drop a class mid term?

Response from Deborah Meehan:

You may be assigned a grade of "W" (for withdrawal).  The Registrar will check in with your faculty member to get the appropriate grade.  It is also possible to get an assigned grade of WF (Withdrew Failing) if you have not been successful.  

Response from John McLaughlin:

If you use financial aid it's a good idea to speak with the Financial Aid team to determine if there are any issues to consider before dropping/withdrawing. For example students using federal aid who drop a class after the add/drop period may end up owing money to the university. Also, some scholarship programs require students to maintain a full time course load. Financial Aid: 1.877.862.1234, or

Response from UMA TRIO:

If you are struggling in your courses, reach out to the TRIO Scholars program on either Bangor or Augusta's campuses if you are a first generation student, using a Pell grant to pay for school, or have disability accommodations to help you access your education. TRIO Scholars will help you navigate your options!

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